About Us

Hello, and welcome to HapsAhoy!

HapsAhoy is produced by bInfinity Web, Inc., a publishing and technology company. Tens of millions of people around the world have used our other sites' digital tools for almost two decades. Many of our calculators provide solutions to date and time related questions, so it was a natural progression to finally put out countdown clocks.

And, since so many events which happen impact our collective lives, we enhanced the counters with one or more polls. You can vote your opinions daily, see how others feel on the topic, and if and how sentiments, yours included, change over time. Not only can you sit back and watch the event count to its happening, you can also opt to become an intrinsic part of it!

Thanks for visiting HapsAhoy.com today. New event counters are on the horizon , and poll results constantly change. Stop by soon and see what's happening!

We always love to hear from our visitors, so please drop us a line anytime.