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Haps: Tuesday February 2, 2021

Countup since Groundhog Day on February 2, 2021


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Groundhog Day 2021 is, as usual, on February 2, when the famous groundhog in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania (traditionally known as Punxsutawney Phil) will come out of his burrow, where he (or she - Phillipa anyone?) was blissfully hibernating, take a yawn, and help us determine the remainder of Winter 2021. If the mighty groundhog sees his shadow, 6 more weeks of winter for us, a celebration for those of us that love Winter; If Phil does not see his shadow, according to tradition, we are in for an early Spring, much to the thrill of home gardening stores! 2021 marks the 135th anniversary of Groundhog Day.

Indeed, Groundhog Phil saw his shadow on February 2, 2021, so according to lore, we're in for another 6 weeks of winter. And that certainly looks to be the case with a record breaking snow storm hitting the Northeast on February 2, 2021, with another following within the week!

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