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2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus Countup

Haps: Saturday February 22, 2020

Countup since 2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus on February 22, 2020


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The 2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus is on Saturday February 22, 2020. With 3 more candidates dropping out after the New Hampshire Primary, there are 8 remaining democratic candidates, as of February 13. They are: Biden, Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Gabbard, Klobuchar, Sanders, Steyer and Warren. This contest, along with the upcoming South Carolina primary, are likely critical to determining who will still in the race on Super Tuesday. Hopefully results will be known fairly shortly after poll closing, unlike the problems at the 2020 Iowa Caucus. Note that Michael Bloomberg is not listed in the poll below, since he is not on the Nevada Caucus ballot, as his campaign did not file by the Jan 1 deadline.

February 23, 2020: And the winner is, by double digits, Bernie Sanders

2020 Nevada Caucus Poll

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Voting on this poll ended on February 22, 2020